Building work















Studies and supervisions of private work in Tripoli, Athens and elsewhere.

Characteristically they are reported: 

  1.  Reconstruction of Maria's Plitsou traditional building  in Arahova in Viotia.

  2. 10 floor  building of property P. Kjoleoglou and Sja in New Smyrni.

  3. 4 floor  building Sp. Andrianopoulos in Tripoli.

  4. Deposit of refreshments Tr. Dafalja's in Tripoli.

  5. 6 floor  building Chr. Papastavros in Tripoli.

  6. 4 floor  building G. Loukas in the Halandri.

  7. 3 floor  addition of building P. Makri in Tripoli.

  8. 3 floor  building I. Panopoulos's Heliopolis.

  9. Study of the bus station K.T.E.L. in Arkadia.












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