1982-1983:  Collaboration in Athens with the offices of studies Hr. Vahljw'ti P-m, G. Katramada'ki A-m, St. Vassa'loy A-m in the syntax of static studies and supervision of building work.


1984:  Military military service in the 733 D.S.E. with employment in the study and supervision building and hydraulic work.


1985-today:  It maintains technical office in Tripoli dealing with study and supervision private and public work.


Student from 1986 work of State in the categories:

         Topographic studies with order of degree B

         and Hydraulic studies with order of degree A.

Municipal Adviser of Municipality Skjrj'tjdas Arkadia (1999-today)


Member of Prefectoral Council of Public Work Arkadia (1986-1991)


Member of Regional Council of Public Work of Region Peloponnese (1992-1994)


Member of Regional Council MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT PLANNING AND PUBLIC WORKS of Region Peloponnese (1999-today)



DIPLOMATIC WORK:  Statistical treatment of hydrologic data of river Worthy.




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